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Rik 12345, 04-06-10, 23:49, 7 jaren geleden: De mening van Romanov
Let's see what I've got:

1. The fact that the Poles in question disappear from the Soviet documents from May 1940. No Soviet apologist has yet provided a satisfactory _documented_ scenario as to where exactly these Poles were supposed to be, and where the documents generated by their supposed year-long stay in alleged camps near Smolensk are.

2. The fact that we know where all the Polish POWs were in 1940, where the camps for Polish POWs were and there were no such camps near Katyn (and thus the Soviet version is a priori false), nor were the ~15000 Poles in question among the POWs after May 1940 according to the Soviet documents (ditto).

3. There is not a single piece of credible documentary evidence that the Germans did it. The Soviet report claimed it was done by a construction battalion! Actually if the Germans wanted to shoot those Poles, they would have employed nearby Einsatzgruppe to deal with them. Yet you won't find a mention of this execution in any Einsatzgruppen report. And the evidence from the Burdenko report is not credible, if only because the report claims that the murder was done under auspices of Ahrens, yet Ahrens arrived there only in November, which doesn't fit the report's chronology (see below for more).

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